Benefits of Fresh Flower Pt.I

June 18th, 2019

What’s the first things you look at when assessing the quality of your flower? Is it the crystals, the hairs, possibly the smell? Well guess what? All of that matters and more. So it’s especially IMPORTANT to keep the quality of your flower as fresh as possible.

How long does it take until my weed expires?
Ahh, the age old question that we all wondered. It doesn’t matter if you’re a medicinal or recreational user, I’m pretty sure all of us have Googled this at least once. Sometimes you want to keep a good batch for special occasion and other times your go to store doesn’t have what you want. This means making your weed last as LONG AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE is key so you can pro long that treasure hunt for your favorite strain. Here are some steps to make your flower last.

Store in a cool dry place.
This magical plant’s number one enemy? Mildew and other molds who thrive in temperatures between 77 and 86 degrees fahrenheit (25-30 degrees celsius). This is why keeping it in a cool, dark place is crucial to maintaining the quality of your bud. Excessive heat dries out the flower (obviously?) and causes a significant depreciation in cannabinoids (CBD quality goes down!). Furthermore, the terpenes that give it that wonderful aroma disappear and your left with, well, something that smells like dirt.

Humidity Factor.
The main factor for keeping your stash fresh and fulfilling begins with controlling the humidity. Are you kids ready for a little buzz word? ‘Relative Humidity’ or RH is the x-factor in maintaining consistency in your bud. RH tells us how much water vapor is actually in the air in comparison to how much it could hold at that temperature. I don’t want to bore you guys too much with the actual scientific explanation, all you need to know is this will keep you smoking that GOOD-GOOD and prevent you from coughing your lungs out. The rule of thumb is to maintain an RH of 59% to 63% when your cannabis is stored in order to maintain the consistency and quality when you first bought it.

Have I bored you yet? I hope not. At the end of this it’ll all be worth it unless you like smoking really old weed (than I guess I wasted your time). There are 2 more factors we need to consider in order to maintain the freshness of our flower. Light and air control.

Pt.II on the next post – stay tuned!


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