May 30th, 2019

We’re more than just a name, brand or gimmick… we’re a movement.

Breathe it in, let your mind relax… exhale and let your worries melt away. Open your eyes and your mind to the revolution that is beginning. The revolution that is the MOVEMENT…

We’re all witnesses to this new and thriving industry. A movement that will revolutionize and forever change the global outlook of legal cannabis. The negative stigma has dissipated in a cloud of smoke and thrust all of us into a brave new world nobody ever dreamed would happen. Now the dream is a reality and the time is now. We Filipinos can sit back like we’ve always done and let others bathe in all the green gold and glory. To continue to be the bench warmer or fan imagining “What if” or “Why not us?!” Well guess what my friends, no more will the Filipino stand on the sidelines. Rise up mga kababayan! The time is now!

Burst out of your shell, move forward with conviction, puff out your chest and take pride in the fact that we will no longer be an innocent bystander. MNLJUANA has arrived and we are here to stay. We will be at the forefront of innovative cannabis products that will thrust us forward with the rest of the big boys.

We’re more than a lifestyle brand, more than a gimmick, we. are. a…



By the people, for the people.


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